YOUR BOOTH Tents are mandatory for all food vendors without a food truck. All tents, etc., must be clean and appropriate for the
venue. In addition, all tents must be secured with hanging weights for safety in windy conditions.
VENDOR TRASH Food vendors are responsible for bringing the appropriate containers for your grease and carrying it home
with you for disposal. Dumping grease, coffee grounds, etc. on the curb, sidewalk, or street, is strictly prohibited. Plan to take your trash and
empty boxes home, or use our provided dumpster. Do not use street garbage cans for bulk garbage. Do not leave trash in
your space or on the street. The festival ends at 4:00 p.m., all vendors must remain in place until that time.
FEES The fee to participate is $125 for a food vendor and $100 for arts and crafts vendor. This amount is due with your
application. A limited number of spaces that are accessible to 120V electricity must be discussed at the time of application.
Make all checks payable to the Morgan County NAACP or Morgan County African American Museum (MCAAM).
SALES TAX State law requires that all vendors pay sales tax on their revenue from events. It is each individual's responsibility to
make sure that they claim their income and collect sales tax.
HEALTH DEPARTMENT INSPECTION All food vendors must abide by all Health Department regulations and apply for a
Temporary Food Service permit from Lynette Knight at the Morgan County Health Department (706) 752-1266. Morgan
County NAACP and the Morgan County African American Museum reserves the right to refuse any food vendor the Health
Department deems unsafe.
RAIN OR SHINE Juneteenth is a rain or shine event – only the threat of severe weather would hinder our plans for the day and
no refunds will be given in the case of cancellation. Be prepared for the weather by bringing adequate protection for your booth.
MARKETING Juneteenth encourages all vendors to decorate their booth in keeping with their merchandise. Your 'look' is key to
getting your name out into 'the world,' and we encourage you to promote your business during the event with stickers,
business cards, postcards, freebies, social media posts, and general fun stuff. Once accepted to Juneteenth, you grant
Morgan County NAACP, Morgan County African American Museum, and the City of Madison the right to use images of your
products for festival promotion.
SECURITY Morgan County NAACP and the Morgan County African American Museum believes that providing a safe and secure
environment for the event. Morgan County NAACP and the Morgan County African American Museum will not be liable for any
damage, theft, injury, or weather-related damage incurred during the festival. Your signature on the vendor application
signifies your understanding and acceptance of these parameters.
VENDOR PARKING Parking is reserved within easy walking distance of Town Park for all vendors. Parking space is tight
around Town Park so it's crucial that all vendors use only the provided vendor parking. Accepted vendors will receive
load-in, and assigned parking instructions before the event. Any exception to this plan must be approved by the Event
Coordinators before the event.
DOWNTOWN MADISON, GA Madison is located 45 miles east of Atlanta, GA, off of I-20, and 30 miles south of Athens, GA, off of
Hwy 441. Annual events are designed to attract visitors and locals alike to showcase Town Park and our beautiful
historic downtown, it's businesses, people, and rich historic fabric. Our goal is for visitors to leave impressed and eager to return to
Madison-to shop, to dine, or to attend another event. Learn more about what's going on in Madison at

• Mail: Morgan County NAACP, PO Box 430, Madison GA 30650 – attn. Juneteenth
• Drop off: A t the Morgan County African American Museum
156 Academy St, Madison, GA 30650
Monday – Thursday 10 am – 4 pm; every other Saturday
• Online: or
• Email:
• Checks or money orders payable to either the Morgan County NAACP or Morgan County African American Museum (MCAAM)
Questions: Call Morgan County NAACP (706) 343-3228,
Morgan County African American Museum (706) 342-9191

Application & Participant Agreement
Sat. June 17, 2023, 11:00 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Town Park

Deadline To Enter: May 17. 2023

Thanks for your interest in participating in Juneteenth. The application deadline for all vendors is
May 17, 2023. Spaces are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. We will notify you
immediately via email if we have any problems with your application. We will not consider your application
if it is not complete nor if we receive it after the deadline. A complete application includes payment-make
checks payable to Morgan County NAACP or Morgan County African American Museum.